Legends Of Runeterra: Explaining The Mana System


GamingLegends Of Runeterra: Explaining The Mana System

When playing Legends of Runeterra, you’re going to need ‘mana’ to play a card. What is mana? Well it’s a source of energy that allows you to place units and spells. Mana is a crucial resource in Legends of Runeterra, but it isn’t as straight forward as having a certain amount of mana being given to you to work with.

Cithria the bold Legends of Runeterra
Cithria the bold is a 6 mana card from Demacia

At the start of a game, each player starts out with one mana to use. At the start of each round, it will will increase by one, capping off at ten total. Each round, the mana will refill to that increased amount. For example, if you have 6 mana and spend 4 on a card, your 2 remaining mana will return to 7 the next round.

Typically, the more mana a card costs, the more powerful it will be. You might not want to spend all of your mana in a round, however, as you can save unused mana. If you end a round with mana unused, up to three of those mana crystals will be saved for the next round as ‘spell mana’. 

As the name implies, spell mana can only be used for spells and is only generated from unused mana from the previous round, or special cards. Spell mana is used before regular mana when using spells, so you can have up to 13 mana crystals to use in a game.

There are also certain spells in the game that increase the number of mana crystals and spell mana that you have. So if you want the maximum number of mana crystals possible and fast, add them to your deck