Legends Of Runeterra: How To Play Expedition


GamingLegends Of Runeterra: How To Play Expedition

If you ever get tired of the normal game mode in Legends of Runeterra, you may have the option to play Expedition mode instead. In Expedition Mode, the player starts by creating a random deck from an assortment of cards.

In this picking phase, you will see three sets of cards at a time. It’s your job to pick one set out of the three, with it being added to your deck. This cycle happens 15 times to eventually create a full deck.

Getting Started

To start playing in Expedition mode, you’re going to need to have a certain amount of in-game currency to access it. There are a few ways to buy your way in. You’ll need either one Expedition token, 3000 Shards (which are earned by opening chests) or 400 Credits, which you can buy with real money.

After paying your entry fee, you will then select your deck with the aforementioned method. As you start the game, you’ll have two champions and will later be able to gain up to a maximum of 4. There’s also the option to choose cards from up to three different areas. 

For each entry you have in Expedition mode, you will have two trials. This means you have two total playthroughs per entry, and you will make an individual deck for each. 

In Expedition mode, you will earn more rewards for the more victories you have per trial. The most that you can have is seven wins per trial. If you lose once in a trial you will be given a chance to play again. If you win, you move on and your loss if removed, meaning you must lose twice in a row to lose an entire trial. However, you will only be given one chance to win your seventh match. 

Expedition mode loss
A player with one loss and one victory

Each time you play a game, win or lose, you will be given the option to switch out some of your cards for other ones. After a certain number of victories, you will be given three sets of three cards again, with a champion in each that you can choose from. 

If you reach the seventh match, you will be given the option to change out your cards seven times.