Life is Strange Before the Storm: How to fix the View Finder


Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The very first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm hit stores today, and everybody is so pumped. It’s already the #1 Best Seller on the Steam Store page. However, it feels a bit more complicated at times with some of the tasks.

This short guide may contain a spoiler if you’re not up to this point of the game. however we won’t reveal anything other than how to fix the view finder.

How to fix the view finder

After jumping off a train with Rachel, you’ll find yourself at a look out point in a park somewhere just outside of Arcadia Bay. Unfortunatley, the view finder won’t work and will swallow your quarter pretty much instantly.

You’ll need to fix the view finder for Rachel, and doing so seems difficult at first. To fix the view finder in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, follow these steps:

  1. Inspect the View Finder. You’ll notice that you can pry it open to possibly get your quarter back
  2. Talk to Rachel Amber. She may not be carrying a knife, but she does have a Nail file!
  3. Unfortunately, the nail file won’t work on the View Finder.
  4. When looking away from the view finder (in the opposite direction), head down the path to the right just for a little bit.
  5. You’ll come across a trash can with a bench next to it, pry off the plaque and head back to the view finder
  6. Use the plaque to pry open the front of the view finder and get your quarter back! Go ahead and talk to Rachel to continue.

Life is Strange Before the Storm how to fix the view finder


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