Life is Strange Before the Storm: Graffiti locations & 100% achievements


Life is Strange: Graffiti & Achievements

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, you are given a lot of options to graffiti various locations throughout Arcadia Bay. By doing this, you’ll be given a special achievement/trophy each time. Therefor, it’s very important that you know the location of each spray and how to do it to achieve 100% completion in Life is Strange!

Currently, we’re on Episode 1 of Before the Storm, and there are a total of 10 Achievements and Graffiti locations to be found! Check each paragraph below to find them all.

Life is Strange Before the Storm all graffiti locations

All Graffiti Locations in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The first location for spraying some graffiti in Life is Strange: Before the Storm can be quite difficult to find. You’ll encounter it pretty much at the start of the game. When outside the club (the mill), walk around to the other side of the RV. That’s your first location.

Once you’ve managed to get inside The Mill, you’ll find the second location for some Graffiti. Before you head towards the mosh pit, you should see a circular blade on the wall. This is your second location for spraying some Graffiti

After waking up in Chloe’s room the next day, you can find a Unicorn poster on the wall near the door. Choose the option of tearing it down. After doing so, an option will appear in it’s place to spray the third piece of Graffiti.

For the next piece of Graffiti in Life is Strange, you’ll find the location in David’s Garage. You can make your mark inside of his blue toolbox, found in the centre of the room. However the option may only pop up after grabbing the tools he requires.

For our fifth piece of Graffiti, it’s going to be on Blackwell Grounds right after David has dropped you off. Immediatley head left, and walk behind the theatrical stage instead of on it. Behind on the wall near the door, you’ll find another spot to spray. Another achievement bagged up!

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Rachel Amber will request you to grab her belt, which you can do so from her backpack at the back of the drama room. Once you head back stage, you will find a poster right in front of you, marking the next location. However you have to do this before giving her the belt.

Whilst riding the train with Rachel, you’ll need to grab a crate as a make shift chair. Move the crate into position inside the train, but instead of sitting, head back to where the crate was. You’ll be able to add your mark on to the wall, netting yourself another achievement or trophy.

When at the park with Rachel after jumping off the train, look around for the big statue. This is your 8th Graffiti location, which you can spray below it. Getting a lot of easy achievements and trophies from such simple tasks in Life is Strange: Before the Storm right?

When arriving at the Junkyard with Rachel and getting the “Smash” scene, go straight to the tall sign, knock it over. Now kick the red paint buckets over. You should now be able to graffiti the big sign.

Finally, this is the most difficult graffiti to achieve. When in the dream sequence, the first thing you need to do is look at the Tempest poster on the back of the seat. Now interacting with it again, you can rip it off and see the graffiti location. However you won’t have your marker, as it’s in the glass next to you so make sure you grab it as soon as you can. You only get 2-3 interactions in this scene, so don’t mess it up!

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