Maplestory 2: How to change the layout


At first glance, the layout in Maplestory2 can seem quite crowded. Icons overlap quests and windows cover each other up. Overall, it makes certain aspects of the game hard to manage. Luckily, there’s a way to tidy up your screen. Follow this neat guide and we’ll show you how to organise your interface.

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Tidying up


Almost every aspect of the main screen can be altered, and it’s easy to do. First, navigate your way to the options menu by pressing escape and clicking on ‘options’. Alternatively, you can click on the silver box in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you’re in the options menu, click on ‘Interface’ in the Game tab. Here you can choose to have the escape button close all windows. This clears up the screen instantly and makes navigation easier. You can also change the size of the interface so that less of the game is obscured.

To change the size of the minimap, you can scroll over it with the middle mouse button. This is handy for finding exact locations in a crowded area. Additionally, you can change the transparency of the map background to be able to see the game behind it.


Moving windows


At times, it can be useful to have two windows open beside each other. Such as your character sheet and the inventory. To relocate them, simply open a window, click and hold the top bar whilst moving the mouse. Then let go when you’re happy with the new position.

You’ll find that once you’ve organised the layout of the game, playing it is far more enjoyable. Plus, if you want to change it back simply follow the same steps.