MapleStory 2: How to complete daily missions


Once you hit level 50 in Maplestory, that’s where the game really begins. High-level dungeons, harder world bosses much more open up to you. One of the new additions is Daily missions. To find out more about them and what goodies you can pick up, just follow this neat guide! Plus, you can find more guides for Maplestory2 right here at Pwrdown.


Daily Missions


At level 50, a new section will open up in your toolbar. To navigate your way there, head to the globe icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on ‘Daily Missions’. This will take you to a new page with 15 quests to complete.

The quests vary in difficulty and require you use many features in the game. These include dungeons, makeshift weapons and emotes. We highly recommend that you get into the habit of completing as many of these as possible. As they will pack out your inventory with useful items while exposing you to everything the game has to offer.

Completing a single quest will award you with xp, a mission box and mission points. Once you collect a certain amount of mission points, you’ll receive a mission complete box which is full of crafting materials and other goodies.

So get exploring, emoting and adventuring! Your daily missions aren’t going to complete themselves!