MapleStory 2: How to Get to Maple Hill


In MapleStory 2 there are many different places to visit. The world map is full of areas that offer quests, bosses and adventures. However, Maplehill is completely different. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get there and what it has to offer players who visit. Plus, don’t forget that you can find more guides right here at Pwrdown!


Getting to Maple Hill


Navigating our way to Maple Hill is very simple. First, you’ll need to find the ‘go to Maple Hill’ button in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Clicking on this icon will open a prompt asking if you want to travel, click yes. Upon doing so you’ll be whisked away to Maple Hill. This is a great place for socialising, trading and spending your Maple Coins.

Using Maple Coins


Maple Coins are awarded as a daily login bonus and a reward for staying logged in for an hour. Maple Hill offers two great mini-games that you can spend your coins on, Mapleopoly and Maple Spin. They offer a chance to grab useful consumable items and unique outfits for your character.

Mapleopoly is a unique version of the popular Monopoly game. The aim is to work your way around the board and pick up consumable items as you go. Each dice roll costs three coins and doubles earn you a free roll. Additionally, each time you complete a trip around the board the game keeps a total. When you reach certain trip checkpoints you earn additional prizes, so keep rolling!

Maple Spin is a rotating wheel mini-game. Each spin costs one Maple Coin and you can auto buy spins in groups of ten or one hundred. There are many unique items up for grabs, such as consumables and Happy Slime outfits. However, once you’ve collected all the outfits we recommend spending your coins on Mapleopoly.

So don’t miss out on visiting Maple Hill. Grab exclusive items and show them off to all your friends!