Maplestory 2: How to easily obtain trophies


GamingMaplestory 2: How to easily obtain trophies

Achievement Hunters, don’t fear. Maplestory2 has a heap of trophies for you to collect, and titles to show off on your character. But, with there being so many, what is the quickest way to collect them all?

In this article, we’ll talk you through the hotspots and quickest ways to accumulate yourself a heap of trophy points. Plus, you can check out our other Maplestory 2 guides right here at Pwrdown!


1. Complete the story quest line


The main story quest line isn’t only the best way to get started in the game. You can pick up a heap of trophies by working your way through it. You’ll discover areas, complete dungeons and kill numerous amounts of mobs. All of which have chains of trophies. Life couldn’t be easier!


2. Work on your life skills

Life skills are heavily overlooked by a lot of players, but they can prove to be beneficial. While you’re exploring, be sure to mine, fish and farm. Once you have a heap of materials, head to the life skills tab and create as many items as you can. The more you level up, the more trophies you’ll see roll in.


3. Complete the exploration quests


While you’re wandering around the world of MapleStory, there’s a lot to be doing. Each area has three exploration goals. Complete a goal rewards you with a star, meaning you can get three from each area. There are also rewards for reaching milestones such as 50, 100 all the way up to 550.

However, the main reason for doing these is the fact it encourages you to experience more of what MapleStory 2 has to offer. Collect hidden boxes, float your way up to a hot air balloon to find the areas binoculars and talk to interesting characters. Of course, these all count towards trophies. So by the time you reach 100 stars, you’ll also have a good collection of trophies to go with them.


Of course, there are many other ways to collect trophies, but these are some of the easiest ways. All in all, we recommend just going out and exploring. Or if you want to aim for titles, write down what you need for all the achievements and work out the easiest and quickest way to get them.


We hope this helps you get started. Let us know in the comments how many points you have, and what your favourite title is!