Marble It Up Trophy Guide: Chapter 1


GamingMarble It Up Trophy Guide: Chapter 1

On (almost) each level of Marble It Up!, there is a Trophy. These items, which appear as a marble inside of a cube, will reward the player with a new marble pattern if they make contact with it. But as such, it’s not always easy reaching it. Here’s how to find and reach every Marble It Up trophy in the first chapter.

Don’t worry about completing the level. All you need to do to unlock the trophy is to make contact with it. And before you ask: No, the “Toggle HUD” button was not working.

Learning To Jump Trophy

marble it up trophy Learning to Jump

Not far from the start, you’ll see a stone archway and some rocks to its side. Hidden on top of the shorter rock on the left is the trophy. The easiest way to reach it is to jump onto the side rail, and then onto the rock. Though if you want pizzazz, some users have taken to launching at a high speed into the larger rock beside it and bouncing backward into the trophy. This Marble It Up trophy unlocks the Circus Tent pattern.

Precious Gems Trophy

marble it up trophy Precious Crystals

This sneaky trophy is, like the last, hidden on top of a rock by the start. Instead of rolling forward, look to the right. Carefully jump your way to the top of the rocks and you’ll be good. This unlocks the Thunderbolt pattern.

Up The Wall Trophy

marble it up trophy Up The Wall

Remember earlier, when I said that it’s ok to fall off, as long as you get the trophy? Well, this is required here. The trophy is located at the bottom tip of the large crystal floating in the center of the level. This one is tricky, as there isn’t any single correct path to reach it. Find a strip of land that lines up, roll as fast as you can, and jump off of the edge rail. Most folks recommend doing it at the exact middle point of the final gravity curve, but I personally did it from the corner of the first wall. This will take a number of tries to reach, don’t be discouraged. This Marble It Up trophy trophy unlocks the Zephyr pattern.

Super Jump Trophy

marble it up trophy Super Jump

This is the hardest one to reach in all of chapter one if you ask me. It’s located high ABOVE the goal. It’s hard because it requires a bit of a physics trick that the game doesn’t actually tell you about. It’s a super super jump. Go to the final platform and grab the super jump powerup, roll towards the goal and press the jump and the power up button at the same exact time. This will launch you significantly higher in the air than either of the two alone. carefully aim yourself to collide with the trophy. This will unlock the Solar Flare pattern.

Full Speed Ahead Trophy

marble it up trophy Full Speed Ahead

One of the more well-hidden trophies, it’s placed up on top of a rock, floating high above the player. In order to reach it, you have to roll as fast as you can into the wall at the end of the track. By bouncing off and up, the player can land on/fly past the rock. The speed and positioning can be hard to nail down, so this will take a few tries. My advice: save the super speed power-up, you can use it to change your direction dramatically in mid-air. This unlocks the Eyeball pattern.

Stay Frost Trophy

marble it up trophy Stay Frosty

Odds are, you aren’t here for this particular trophy. This one is the most visible, and often a player’s first trophy. It’s located on top of a rock, during the second strip of ice. Climb the side rail to get on the rocks, jumping your way up. This Marble It Up trophy unlocks the Ice Floes pattern.

Onward and Upward Trophy

marble it up trophy Onward and Upward

This one can seem intimidating, given the size of the level. But like many before it, it’s right near the start. To be specific, it’s on top of the stone archway that you start in front of. To reach it, proceed through the map until you reach the super jump power up. Grab it and backtrack, you can easily see the trophy from this level. Use the jump to cleanly clear the gap and grab the trophy. This unlocks the Sculpted pattern.

What do think of Marble It Up? We gave it a 4.5 out of 5 in our official review.

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