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GamingMarble It Up Trophy Guide: Chapter 2

Since you’re looking for Chapter 2 trophy help, I’ll assume you know all about Marble It Up’s trophy system. You find the hidden item, touch it, and you get a new marble skin. Here’s how to find, and reach, every Marble It Up trophy in Chapter 2.

And before you ask: No, the “Toggle HUD” button was not working.

Duality Trophy

While you won’t find this one till the very end of the stage, you’ll need some help reaching it. It’s located on the top of the large rock to the right of the stone archway, right at the end. In order to get that high up, you need to grab a float powerup (one can be found on either of the two large rocks earlier in the stage. Gain momentum on the wavey floor before the exit and use it in combination with the floating power to glide up onto the final rock. This trophy will unlock the Checkered marble.

Transit Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

This trophy is hidden well, but it’s not hard to reach by Marble It Up standards. Make your way to the end of the level. Before you ride the floating platform to the goal, you’ll have to roll over two small bumps. Stop in between the two bumps and look over the right side of the platform. You’ll see the trophy resting there on a small stone ledge. Just drop down to grab it. This will unlock the Creamsicle marble.

Great Wall Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

Much like the last one, this trophy is easy to reach but hidden well. Most of the way down the wall, you’ll come across a left-turning corner with most of the floor cut out. If you angle your camera around, you’ll notice that the outer side of the wall has a small ledge. And on that ledge: the trophy. Drop down and grab it. This will unlock the Blue Dragonscale marble.

Bump in the Night Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

Marble It Up thinks they’re sneaky. You won’t find this trophy by looking around the map. It’s not hidden over a ledge or behind a crystal. Instead, it’s at the bottom of a small carving in the wall. It’s right near the start of the map. Look at the brown wall to the right of the very first bumper you come across. This will unlock the Mirrored marble.

Over the Garden Wall Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

This will require a bit more forethought than most. The trophy itself is on top of the pillar archway before the exit. See the image for reference. But in order to get there, you need both a super jump and the knowledge of how to perform a super super jump. At the start, go to the right wall, follow alongside it and you’ll find a super jump powerup hidden behind an outcropping. Grab that. Make your way to the trophy location. Once you’re there, perform a super super jump to reach the top. This is done by pressing the powerup button and the jump button at the same exact time. It will launch you considerably higher than either of the two alone. This will unlock the Stone marble.

Wave Pool Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

How Marble It Up expected anyone to find this is beyond me. The trophy isn’t actually in the map. You have to launch yourself up and over the wall and land on a hidden platform below. Go grab a super jump and head to the dead center of the wall opposite of the goal. Jump over the wall. If you can manage it, land ON the wall. This will make it easier to drop down to the hidden flow below, where the trophy lies in wait. This will unlock the Banana Split marble.

Big Easy Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

Ah yes. When the entire map is one long roll, where do you hide a trophy? Not very hard appears to be the answer. Even so, it’s easy to miss. Travel down until you reach the third to last color zone, (it’s blue). The trophy itself is located at the transition from blue zone to purple zone, on top of a random large rock to the right side. It’s too tall to climb, so gain some speed and ram into the smaller rock in that area, it should launch you more or less straight up. Try and land on the spot where the trophy is. This will probably take a few tries, what with chaos theory and all. This will unlock the 8-Ball marble.

Archipelago Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

If you’re as much of a fan of the glide powerup as I am, you’ll hate this. The trophy itself is located on top of a large rock near the third section of the level. In order to reach it, you have to use the glide powerup to bounce off of a different rock and toward the third one. Refer to the image above. Grab the glide powerup from the area shown in the back. Roll and jump off the ledge toward the rock seen on the left. Bounce and keep gliding toward the trophy. Good luck. This will unlock the Earth marble.

Triple Divide Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

Finding this naturally can be time-consuming, given the map’s size and intricacy. Fortunately, the trophy isn’t far from the start. It’s actually located at the top of the large, stone mountain you see when you begin. To reach it, head to the back side of the mountain. You’ll see a super jump powerup. Gain some speed and super super jump (pressing the powerup button and the jump button at the same exact time) up the mountain using that. The momentum is important as it will help you roll up the last bit of mountain. This will unlock the Pine marble.

Thread the Needle Trophy

marble it up trophy guide

What a better way to finish the chapter off than with one incredibly tricky trophy location? It’s located on the bottom of a pathway. It’s not possible to drop down in any way and reach it. Instead, you have to wait until the gravity shift at the very end turns you sideways. Once at the new angle. you have to roll along the edge of the “normal” road until you’re right above the trophy. From there, just drop down. This will unlock the Trilayer marble

That’s all of them! Good luck with the rest!

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