Minecraft Backpacks Mod: Installation, Recipes & How to Use Guide


GamingMinecraft Backpacks Mod: Installation, Recipes & How to Use Guide

Backpacks is one of the most popular mods available on CurseForge, and for a good reason. It provides an immersive and realistic way to increase your inventory size in Minecraft.

There are different sizes available. These are the Small, Medium and Big Backpacks, with each one having 3 different tiers available which also change the size. The largest backpack, which we’ll show you how to craft below will provide an additional 54 slots.

We’ve tested this mod and wrote the following guide for Minecraft 1.12.2, as it has the best modding support. If you want to check out some more guides like this, take a look through our Minecraft Mods area.

How to Install the Backpacks Mod

The Backpacks mod is available on the CurseForge website. On the right hand side of the page, download the 1.12 Version. As stated in the mods description, support has been abandoned for the mod and it’s expected that no future updates will be released.

You need to then drop this file into your Minecraft mods folder, which can be found in the default installation directory. With Forge installed, open Minecraft, select ‘Mods’ from the main menu and then press the ‘Open Mods Folder’ button located in the bottom left corner, this is where you should place the JAR file. If you don’t know how to do any of these steps, or haven’t installed Forge yet, read our in-depth Forge & Mod Installation Guide.

How to Craft Backpacks

Annoyingly, crafting Backpacks isn’t that simple of a task. It requires turning multiple components into other components, and can get a little confusing. The developer has shown the recipe for each item. However, we’re going to show you how to create the large backpack below.

To start creating a Large Backpack, you will need 12 Iron Ingots and 12 String to make 3 Iron Frames. You’ll also need an additional 28 Leather and 98 String (so 110 total) to make the Backpack pieces.

Start by placing 6 Iron Ingots on top of eachother in a Crafting Table in a similar pattern for creating Sticks, this will provide you with 12 Iron Sticks. Next, place 3 Iron Sticks in each corner of the Crafting Table, and 3 String in all the other slots except the center one. See the image below for reference.

Iron Frames Recipe

This will provide you with 3 Iron Frames, our first component for the Backpack. Next, we need to make 14 Tanned Leather. To do that, follow the recipe on the image below. You will need to place 14 String in 7 of the Crafting Table slots, with 14 Leather in each of the two middle side slots.

Bound Leather Recipe

This should give you 14 Bound Leather. All we need to do now is place the Bound Leather inside of a Furnace. Cook it with some fuel, and you’ll receive 14 Tanned Leather. With that done, we can now craft the Backpack Pieces. Follow the image below, creating all 3 Backpack Pieces using up 14 Tanned Leather and 3 Iron Frames.

Backpack Pieces Recipes

Once you have all 3 Pieces, simply put them together in a Crafting Table. Place the top piece in the top right slot, the middle piece in the middle right slot, and the bottom piece in the bottom right slot to obtain a Big Backpack providing an additional 54 Slots! 

There are other Backpack Recipes available of course, for smaller and medium sized packs. You should refer to the Imgur links above to get the full recipes for them. 

Recoloring Backpacks

You can recolor Minecraft Backpacks to any color you wish. All you have to do is place your backpack inside of a Crafting Table, alongside any of Minecraft’s 16 Dyes. 

Dying a Backpack

If instead you want to revert a Backpack back to its original color, combine a dyed Backpack with a Bucket of Water inside a Crafting Table.

Backpacks Not Working

If your Backpacks aren’t working in Minecraft, it’s likely because you didn’t craft them. Backpacks that are spawned in using creative mode won’t work. Unfortunately, they’ll need to be crafted using actual materials, even though you’re in cheat mode.

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