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Caverns 2 is a mod for Minecraft Java Edition which allows you to open portals to new dimensions. In these dimensions, you’ll find large caverns and caves which you can explore and mine for resources.

There is a question of balance which comes in with this mod. Some of the dimensions (especially the Huge Cavern) seem a bit overpowered. This is due to the fact that when looking around, you can easily spot Diamond Ore practically everywhere which you can collect, as well as other rare ores which might be in your mod-pack.

I use Cavers 2 alongside Galacticraft, and some ores which I should only be able to find on other planets or asteroids are spawning within the Caverns. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can venture into the mods configuration files and choose which ores should spawn, as well as how many.

Below, we’ll show you a quick rundown of how to use Caverns 2 in your Minecraft Modpack. For more Minecraft Guides & Best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

How to Open Portals

There are multiple types of dimensions included with the Cavern 2 mod. Some of them have requirements you’ll need to meet before you can open them. The difference between these dimensions is that the blocks that spawn will be different, as well as the layout of the dimension.

A Cavern 2 Portal

To create a portal in Cavern 2, you will need to use Mossy Cobblestone. It does also work with other Mossy-type blocks, such as Mossy Bricks. You should lay the portal out in a similar way to the Nether Portal, with it being at least 3 blocks high and 2 wide. The 4 corner blocks don’t matter, so you’ll need at least 10 blocks to create the portal.

Once you’ve created the portal frame, now you’ll need to send it to a Cavern dimension. There’s a few different types to choose from. These are:

  1. Basic Cavern: Requires an Emerald. These are the normal caves you’ll find in Minecraft, but there is no surface.
  2. Caveland: Requires a Sapling. Entering this Cavern will take you to a plant-infested underground world.
  3. Ice Cavern: Requires Packed Ice. This Cavern is going to be cold and frosty, similar to a Winter Wonderland. 
  4. Aqua Cavern: Requires Aquamarine, which you can obtain from one of the previously opened dimensions which require Overworld materials. Prepare for flooded Caverns.
  5. Huge Cavern: Requires a Diamond. Entering this dimension will take you to a completely open cave, stretching from the lowest to highest levels which you can fly through if you have items like the Elytra or Glider. The most impressive Cavern in my opinion, but also the most overpowered. 
  6. Ruins: Requires a Miner’s Thought. Full of structures and loot chests, similar to a dungeon. However this is going to be the hardest to enter.

To start out, you’re best just choosing to enter the ‘Basic Cavern’, which will take you to a cave system similar to Vanilla Minecraft. Although the height is much higher, so Ravines in particular are very impressive. Take an Emerald in your hand, and right click the inside of the Portal frame, similar to how you would with a Flint & Steel.

The Portal will now be open, and you can head on through. Make sure to write down the coordinates or set a way-point if you’re using a minimap mod, as finding the portal later on might be a difficult task. 

Levelling System

If you are trying to enter the ‘Huge Cavern’ straight away, you’ll find out that you won’t be able to. The reason being is that you need to be an ‘Iron Level Miner’. Owning stacks and stacks of Iron or Diamonds will not make you an Iron Level Miner.

Huge Cavern

Instead, you need to head into one of the easier Caverns, such as the Basic Cavern. You can enter this one without any problem. Once you do, check the bottom right corner of the screen, and you’ll see your current rank.

It starts out as Beginner, making you a beginner miner. Once you’ve mined a certain amount of ores in this cavern, you’ll become a Stone Level Miner. Now you have to Mine 100 more ores, and you’ll become an Iron Level Miner, finally allowing you to enter the Huge Cavern. Mining Ores in the Overworld will not change your Miner Level/Rank.

Portal Loop

Some players report being stuck in a Portal Loop. This is where you enter the Portal, may get to see the Cavern briefly before finding yourself back in the Overworld. Sadly, the developer hasn’t spoken much about the mod or mentioned this bug. There’s a few things you can try:

  1. Some players report that holding SHIFT (to sneak/crouch) whilst entering the portal will help you make it there properly. You should also hold the key once you reach the other side. Doing this means your character won’t go through the portal on the other side. This supposedly only works sometimes.
  2. This could be an issue where the Cavern is loaded in-game before it is shown on your computer, so you are sent back through the Portal before it loads. You could try holding the W or S key as it loads to send a command for your character to leave the portal. Increasing RAM could also help load the dimensions faster.

If you can’t fix the problem and you’re stuck in an endless loop, you might have to quickly teleport away once you’re in the Overworld. You can also try removing the mods java file. If you can’t do this, delete your player data so you spawn fresh in the Overworld. 

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