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Curse of Binding is a Curse Enchantment in Minecraft. It’s a rare enchantment, and doesn’t offer many uses to the player. It’s better for trolling purposes, as you can force other players to wear Armor that has Curse of Binding, and they won’t be able to remove it. 

In this guide, we’ll cover what Curse of Binding does, how to obtain it and all the possible ways to remove it. This guide is compatible for all Minecraft Versions, including Java Edition, Pocket Edition, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (Bedrock Edition). For more Minecraft Guides & Best-of content, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

What does Curse of Binding Do in Minecraft

Curse of Binding is a Book Enchantment, meaning you can manually apply it to your armor in Minecraft. When applied, Curse of Bindings binds your items to you, meaning you can’t remove that item from your armor slot.

For example, if you are playing Survival Mode and you apply Curse of Binding to your Chestplate, it will be next-to impossible to remove that Chestplate from your player. It’s a Curse Enchantment, and doesn’t provide many benefits to the player. 

How to Get Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Unlike other Enchantments in Minecraft, Curse of Binding can only be obtained as a treasure item. That means it can only be found in treasure chests, fishing or by trading Villagers for Enchanted Books. This makes it one of the rarest enchantments available in Minecraft.

Curse of Binding, spawning in a Chest

Treasure Chests consist of chest loot, and is the chests that you find in generated structures such as Villages, Pyramids, Temples, Outposts and more. When it comes to fishing, you can try applying the Luck of the Sea Enchantment which increases your chances of finding treasure.

How to Apply Curse of Binding to Armor

You can add the Curse of Binding Enchantment to your armor in Minecraft by using an Anvil. Place your Armor piece in one slot, and Curse of Binding in the other to pull out your armor with the curse attached.

Applying the Curse of Binding to Armor

You can craft an Anvil in Minecraft by placing 3 Iron Blocks in a Crafting Table along the top row. Place an Iron Ingot in the centre slot, and 3 along the bottom row.

How to Remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Unfortunately, Curse of Binding can’t be removed from your items. The only way to remove it is by dying in-game, or having your armor reach 0 condition, causing it to break. 

The quickest way to remove Curse of Binding would be to place all your items in a chest, spend any experience you have and then dying. That’ll cause the enchanted item to drop. However if you’re playing Hardcore Minecraft, you will have to wear the armor until it eventually breaks.

There was previously a bug where you could remove Curse of Binding by repairing your armor in a Crafting Table. However this has been fixed in the latest release.

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