Minecraft: Custom Nether Island Map Free Download


GamingMinecraft: Custom Nether Island Map Free Download

If you own a Minecraft server and looking for a Nether styled map, you are free to download and use this custom map I have made. You can use it commercially for your own server and are not required to give any credit! Although you can’t redistribute it. 

Download the map by clicking here. Additional images and information about the map can be found below. You can place the ‘nether nocrash’ folder into your Minecraft Saves folder or into your server files.

The terrain is primarily made out of Netherrack, which variations of Soul Sand, Obsidian and Magma Blocks. Surrounding the landscape is Lava, with the nether area being an island which the player can’t leave.

There are also other terrain features such as large spikes, steep hills and peninsulas. This map isn’t designed to be used straight away, but can be built off to add fortress, parkour etc for your own server. Overall, the size of the map is around 640×640 blocks and was made in Minecraft 1.15.2.

Phillip Anderson
Phillip Anderson
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