Minecraft JEI Mod: Installation, Setup & How to Use Guide


GamingMinecraft JEI Mod: Installation, Setup & How to Use Guide

JEI, otherwise known as ‘Just Enough Items’ is a recipe viewing mod for Minecraft. When looking at your inventory, you’ll have a new interface found on the right side of the screen, showing every item added to your Minecraft world.

jei interface
The Just Enough Items (JEI) Interface

It also adds many other features to Minecraft. These include a a search bar where you can search for items by name or mod, a cheat mode to spawn items with just a click, bookmarking and more.

We’ve tested this mod and wrote the following guide for Minecraft 1.12.2, as it has the best modding support. If you want to check out some more guides like this, take a look through our Minecraft Mods area.

How to Install the JEI Mod

JEI is available for download on CurseForge. Due to it having support for newer versions of Minecraft, you might need to select the ‘Files’ tab near the top of the page to find a compatible download for older Minecraft versions such as 1.12.2 or 1.7.10. From there, download your .JAR file.

You need to then drop this file into your Minecraft mods folder, which can be found in the default installation directory. The easiest way to get there would be by opening up your Start Menu and typing %AppData% and pressing Enter. From there, head to the following directory: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods If you don’t know how to do any of these steps, or haven’t installed Forge yet, read our in-depth Forge & Mod Installation Guide.

How to Use JEI

Once you’ve installed JEI, it should start working automatically. To test it, open up your inventory by pressing E, and you should see a complete list of recipes on the right hand side. If you don’t, then the mod isn’t running and something is wrong, make sure to restart your Minecraft.

To use the mod, simply hover over any item in the interface and press the ‘R’ key to view the recipe. Alternatively, press ‘U’ when hovering on an item to find its uses instead. If you don’t know what uses are, it’s where that item is used in another recipe. For example, Wood Planks are used in tonnes of recipes such as boats, chests and more.

You can hide the JEI interface at any time by pressing CTRL + O. There is a search bar which you can access at the bottom of JEI to search through all Minecraft items. If instead you want to configure the mod, you can access the settings by pressing the button in the bottom right corner of Minecraft.

To bookmark items, hover over an item in JEI and press ‘A’. That way, it will be saved on the left hand side of the inventory screen allowing you to quickly access it at anytime.

JEI Controls

There aren’t a lot of controls for JEI. Although you should still learn them, as they’ll help you navigate through the mod much faster. You’ll only need to remember a few:

  • View Recipe R
  • See Uses: U
  • Hide JEI: CTRL + O
  • Next/Previous Page: Scroll Wheel
  • Search: CTRL + F
  • Clear Search: Right Mouse Button
  • Bookmark Item: A
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