Minecraft Morph Mod: Installation, Setup & How to Use Guide


GamingMinecraft Morph Mod: Installation, Setup & How to Use Guide

Morph is one of Minecraft’s most well known mods. When killing mobs in Minecraft with the mod installed, you will be able to acquire them, and then ‘Morph’ into them. This doesn’t just work for mobs either, as you can also morph into other players.

Currently, Morph is only available up to Minecraft 1.12.2. Whilst a lot of users want to see this updated to 1.15 or 1.16, it seems that the developers aren’t going to do this anytime soon.

We’ve tested this mod and wrote the following guide for Minecraft 1.12.2, as it has the best modding support. If you want to check out some more guides like this, take a look through our Minecraft Mods area.

How to Install the Morph Mod

The Morph Mod is available on CurseForge. Download the JAR File for Minecraft 1.12.2 (or any other version that you wish to install it on). Morph also requires iChunUtil to function, so download this too.

You need to then drop this file into your Minecraft mods folder, which can be found in the default installation directory. With Forge installed, open Minecraft, select ‘Mods’ from the main menu and then press the ‘Open Mods Folder’ button located in the bottom left corner, this is where you should place the JAR file. If you don’t know how to do any of these steps, or haven’t installed Forge yet, read our in-depth Forge & Mod Installation Guide.

How to Use the Morph Mod

To be able to morph into other Minecraft entities, you need to first kill them. After doing so, a short animation will play where you can see that you have acquired them. If you want to start morphing, you need to open the GUI by pressing the ‘[‘ key.

Morph GUI

On the left hand side, you can see a list of Morphs you have currently obtained. You can navigate up and down by using both the ‘[‘ and ‘]‘ key. When hovering over a morph, press the ‘ENTER‘ key to switch to that entity, which will take a few seconds.

Understanding Morph Abilities

There are a few abilities included with the Morph mod, with most of them being unique to certain mobs. These include Climb, Fall Negate, Fly, Float, Fire Immunity, Hostile, Swim, Sunburn, Water Allergy, Step, Poison Resistance, Wither Resistance, Sink, Fear and Potion Effect.

Now, these abilities mostly work the same as in Vanilla Minecraft. For example, if you want to be able to fly with morph, it’s only possible for animals which can fly normally, such as the bat. You can fly by repeatedly pressing ‘SPACE‘.

A Morphed Bat, which can fly.

Climbing allows some mobs to walk up walls, similar to Spiders by simply walking against them. When it comes to Float, only the Chicken can use this ability, and will cause you to float towards the ground if falling from large distances. Fire Immunity is available to a few morphs, mostly ones which come from the Nether. Swimming allows some mobs to breathe indefinitely underwater, such as fish.

These are currently the only types of abilities available with the mod. The developers planned on adding usable abilities, such as exploding as Creepers, teleportating as an Enderman etc. However, it seems the mod hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and these features where never added.

Morph Controls

There aren’t many controls for Morph. But they also aren’t listed in Minecraft’s control settings.

  • [ – Open the Morph GUI
  • [ – Move up in the Morph GUI
  • ] – Move down in the Morph GUI
  • ENTER – Select a Morph
  • SPACE – Use in certain abilities, such as flying
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