Top 5 Minecraft Christmas skins


GamingTop 5 Minecraft Christmas skins

It’s the most festive time of the year in Minecraft, Christmas. There’s no better way to get into the spirit than to put on your best winter outfit. In this top five list, we’ll bring you the best Christmas themed skins out there. Although there are many skins to choose from, we’ve picked ones that really stood out.


Santa Claus

Our first pick is the main man himself, Santa Claus. The skin comes packed with the traditional outfit we’ve all come to know. Features include; stocking cap, white bushy beard, gold buckled belt and comfy black boots. Equip this skin and you’ll bring good tidings and joy wherever you go. Find it here.



Who can resist this little festive friend, especially when he’s called Waddles? He may be the smallest skin on this list but that doesn’t mean he’s not packed with detail. Features include; a frosty snowflake, a pastel coloured belly and a fluffy white tail. Perfect for roleplaying in Snowy areas with frozen lakes. Download it here.



Who doesn’t want to be Santa’s little helper? With this high-quality skin, you can build the grotto, prepare presents and spread the Christmas cheer. Features include; A green stocking cap, striped stockings, a thin gold buckled belt and green elf shoes. It goes without saying that you’ll be recognised wherever you go! You can find it here.


Christmas Sweater

If you’re looking for a more traditional skin then this is the one for you. Warm up to the winter season with a comfy outfit and still look festive. Features include; a red stocking cap, cosy red scarf, festive green jumper and warm boots. Whether you’re out walking in the snow or sitting by the fire, this is the skin to have. Pick it up here.



Maybe you’re not a fan of Christmas, or you’re looking for a not traditional skin that still fits in. Then why not try out the Grinch? Renowned for despising Christmas, he’s the perfect way to show your true bah humbug. Features include; red stocking hat, evil toothed grin, festive red boots. Perfect for roleplaying on Christmas themed servers. Get your Grinch on here.