Blast from the past with Minutemen Watchtowers in Fallout 4

Add some much needed lore to Fallout 4


One of the hottest mods on Nexus Mods right now adds some much needed lore to the Commonwealth. The ‘Minutemen Watchtowers‘ by Spiffyskytrooper adds multiple Watchtowers to your Fallout 4 world. Left abandoned and decaying after the demise of the Minutemen, search these towers for long lost loot left behind by our fallen heroes.

Overall, you can find 9 of these large towers added to the world. They are extremely friendly to survival players, offering ways for the player to sleep and wait whilst there.

Personally, mods like this are my favourite. Sometimes the world can feel a little empty in places, so stumbling across these new locations really make the game feel fresh again. Especially if you’re someone who has multiple play-throughs.

Also, the lore really helps build the game for players. Being able to visit Minuteman locations from so many years ago is great, and provides an incentive for players to explore newer areas. The developer of this mod has chosen to place them in realistic locations, and encourages you to message them if you have any suggestions for additional locations.

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How to install the Minutemen Watchtowers mod

You can either install this mod automatically using the Nexus Mod Manager, or do it manually.

  1. Start by downloading the file here. If you have NMM installed, choose ‘Mod manager download’.
  2. Otherwise, select ‘Manual Download’.
  3. Open the .ZIP File that has downloaded, it will have 3 files inside.
  4. Drop these 3 files inside the ‘Data’ directory in your Fallout 4 installation location.
  5. If you don’t know where Fallout 4 is located, right click it in Steam and choose ‘Properties’. Choose the ‘Local files’ tab, then press ‘Browse local files’.
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