Monster Hunter World Upcoming Event


Autumn Harvest Festival (Seasonal Event)

Gathering Hub during the festival

Get ready fiver! Capcom has done it again. Monster Hunter World (MHW) is getting another update very soon on September 21st until October 4th. No, its not a new monster to hunt (keep hunting the Behemoth, he is a challenge enough for now). Instead its the arrival of the Autumn Harvest Festival! Just as we had in the spring and summer, this event will focus on a seasonal change to the New World. This event will bring about some awesome limited time gear for not only your hunter, but your partner and Palico companion as well (yes, even your Poogie).

What we know so far….

What we know from research, speculation, the consulting the Ouija board is that this event will be similar to past seasonal ones. The Harvest Festival will change up the Gathering Hubs’ decor to a spooky fun theme. Not to mention as always, the staff will also be feeling the spirit to change up their attire for the event. Yet, we have better news than just that.

Poogie’s event costume

Hunters will be able to explore past limited quests. Along with that, new harvest quest(s) will be available, which means Harvest Tickets. Those tickets (as per other seasonal events) can be traded in for ghoulish limited time equipment. If that didn’t wet your whistle, then lets talk about what some of those returning quests actually are.

Quest upon quests (just a few to mention)

Goldie Locke’s is back! The Kulve Taroth Siege quest, Banquet in the Earthen Hall, will be up and running for the duration of the festival. If you had not been able to slay the Michelle Pfeiffer of the MHW, you will finally get another shot. Same rules apply as you hunt her in the Caverns of El Dorado, don’t go alone.

Azure Star (USJ) Quests are making a return. This quest will have hunters going up against three different sized Great Jagras. This will help many hunters get those gold crowns we all aim for in our Hunters Notes. The quest will also reward hunters with the material ticket needed for the long sword weapon Azure Star Blade. We are also recieving another quest to craft the USJ Armor too, so be on the look out for them.

Code Red quest will also be coming back. If you were in need of that last red orb to complete your Dante (Devil May Cry) set, you are in luck. Well, that’s if you can still survive against an Anjanath, Odogaran, Ratholos, and finally the hot headed king himself Teostra!

Speaking of an elder dragon; hunters can look forward to more Arch tempered elder dragon quest(s) coming their way in the festival. The quests are for not only Teostra, Kushala Dora, Vaal Hazak, and Kirin. Oh no, they are bringing back the Extreme Behemoth quest as well. The rewards for each of them differ with one similar goal in mind, layered armor sets. Before you tackle these extremely difficult quests, just know the rewards are worth the rage quitting.

Spookishly Fine Looking

The festival wouldn’t be a festival without dressing up. In this case its getting harvest tickets to trade in for gear such as new dual blades! During the festival a quest called, Where Sun meets Moon, will be available. As usual, hunt the monster, clear the quest, craft the new Downy Crake Brooms.

Mischievous Dress Handler Costume

Your partner/handler will also be dressing up for the event for a span of the festival. Just as the other events, you can later purchase her attire as her default avatar costume. For now, enjoy her in the Mischievous Dress aka Goth Lolita Handler for free.

After completing a few quests to earn enough harvest tickets, your hunter can trade in for gender specific armor sets. For the men, you get to rock out a ghoulish caped pumpkin armor. For the young lasses, the ever adorable pumpkin witch set.

That’s all for now. Be on the look out for more information about MHW’s newest event here at PwrDown.