MTG Arena: How to attack a Planeswalker


GamingMTG Arena: How to attack a Planeswalker

Planeswalkers can make the difference between a good deck and a great one. On your side of the board they’ll make you a power to be reckoned with. Especially if you’re running more than one type.

But how do you cope when your opponent plays one? Follow this quick guide and we’ll show you the best way to remove it as quick as possible. Don’t forget to check our other guides on MTG Arena for more neat tips for winning.


Dealing with a Planeswalker

A Planeswalker consists of a variety of abilities and a life total. To cast these abilities you must reduce or increase your life total depending on the number next to it.

Read the abilities carefully, work out which one your opponent might use next turn and prepare for it. Have an answer ready for what they play. Alternatively, find a way of dealing damage to the Planeswalker. This may prevent them from using certain minus abilities without destroying the Planeswalker in the process.

You can deal damage to an opponent’s Planeswalker in a variety of ways. Such as creature and spell damage. Once you have moved to the combat phase, choose the creature you wish to attack with and use it to target the Planeswalker. Next, the blocking phase will give the opponent an opportunity to defend their Planeswalker. If they choose not to, then your damage will go through. However, if a defence is used, you can choose to use spells or creature abilities to turn the tide in your favour.

If you deal damage equal to the number of points on the Planeswalker, then you will succeed in killing it and it will be placed in the graveyard. Another way of removing a Planeswalker is to use a kill spell. For example, certain cards may specify “Destroy target legendary creature or Planeswalker.” The perfect time to cast these spells can vary depending on your opponent’s open mana and the overall board state.


Deal with these cards quickly and you’ll have a chance of making a comeback. Better yet, find one that suits your deck and get the upper hand on your opponent!