MTG Arena: How to use Wildcards


Obtaining the right cards to build your desired deck can be difficult. Especially seeing as opening packs do not guarantee you what you’re looking for. Luckily, MTGA includes wildcards. These are exchanged for any card of a certain rarity. Making it easier to get those hard to find drops.

Follow this neat guide for all the information you need on wildcards. Plus, find all the information you’ll ever need for MTGA right here!


How to use your Wildcards

You can see which wildcards you have available with mousing over the flower symbol at the top of the screen. You can also tell the rarities you have by the colours that make up the symbol. Gold represents rare and red represents mythic rare.

You can gain wildcards by opening packs. They will take the place of a card while holding the same potential rarity. But this isn’t the only way to obtain them.

In the top right-hand corner of the pack screen, you will see two wildcards. These are circled by a progression meter that increases when packs are opened. Every three packs will guarantee you one wild for free. It will frequently alternate between uncommon and rare, with a mythic rare being thrown in for every 18 packs that are opened.

To use your wildcards you have to go to the deck building section. Find a card you wish to create and click on it. You will be prompted by a screen showing the transaction and the card you will receive. If the card is correct, click confirm and the new card will be placed into your collection. If the outcome is not correct, click cancel and you’ll be returned back to the deck building screen.


We highly recommend that you hold onto your wildcards until you find a deck you really want to play. If you’re looking for a playable meta deck to get you started, have a look here!