My Friend Pedro: Complete List of Challenges & Achievements Guide


My Friend Pedro was recently released on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Whether a PS4/Xbox One release will happen is all speculation right now. That doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a list of challenges and achievements currently available to complete for the game though.

Screenshot from My Friend Pedro

The list of achievements below where taken from Steam, where there is currently 30 achievements. None of them are secret, so you can see exactly what you need to do to get a 100% completion rate.

List of Achievements

Below, we have put together the list of achievements as well as the guide to the right hand side where you can see what you need to do for My Friend Pedro.

Challenge Name Guide
Because video game Break 100 crates
Make an entrance Jump through 10 windows
Three birds, one explosion Kill at least 3 enemies with one explosion
Mumbo Combo Get a 10x combo
Comb-o-ver Get a 20x combo
Ah, Combon now! Get a 50x combo
Well done Kick a frying pan in to the face of an enemy
Knife to meat you Stick a knife into an enemy
Frying pan Kill enemy by ricocheting bullet off frying pan
Jester Juggle basketball 10 times without it touching anything
Barrely saw it coming Kill an enemy using a barrel
Table service Flip 10 tables
Shamona Dodge 1000 bullets
Yes you can Kick enemies 100 times
They probably deserved it Kill 500 enemies
Murderous tendencies Kill 1000 enemies
Questionable moral Kill 2000 enemies
Gold star for you Get an S-Rating
Wow Get S-Rating on 10 levels
Brush your shoulders off Get S-Rating on 25 levels
Numb fingers Complete a level without firing a weapon
One for the road Finish chapter “Old Town”
Leap of faith Finish chapter “District Null”
What just happened? Finish chapter “Pedro’s World”
Train of thought Finish chapter “The Sewer”
Connection lost Finish chapter “The Internet”
Face the truth Finish the game

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