My Friend Pedro: Complete List of Controls for PC & Controller


GamingMy Friend Pedro: Complete List of Controls for PC & Controller

My Friend Pedro has been released onto the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms, with no word of console releases yet. However, if you do choose to play the game on PC, there is both support for Keyboard and Mouse & Controller. 

So far, I have only tested this with an Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controller. I have not tested the game with a PS4 Controller or any other third party controller. However, I would recommend playing on PC for better aim precision, or configuring aim assist if using a controller.

Screenshot from My Friend Pedro
Screenshot from My Friend Pedro

Below, you can see a complete list of all the controls currently available in My Friend Pedro for both PC Controls and a Controller.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls

Below are the list of controls for PC when using a keyboard and mouse. It’s possible to change the controls to anything of your choosing, there is a restore to defaults button if you run into any issues. You can also change the cursor mode as well as aim sensitivity in the controls settings of My Friend Pedro. 

  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Jump: Space
  • Crouch: S
  • Dodge: W
  • Focus: Left Shift
  • Interact: E
  • Kick: F
  • Fire: LMB
  • Secondary Fire: RMB
  • Reload: R
  • Change Weapon: Q
  • Next Weapon: Scroll Wheel Up
  • Previous Weapon: Scroll Wheel Down
  • Pistol: 1
  • Dual Pistols: 2
  • Submachine Gun: 3
  • Dual Submachine Guns: 4
  • Shotgun: 5
  • Assault Rifle: 6
  • Rifle: 7
  • Motorcycle Up: W
  • Motorcycle Down: S
  • Motorcycle Wheelie: RMB

Controller Controls

If you have a controller connected to your computer, such as an Xbox Controller (either wired or wireless), the controls for your controller will show up. Below is a list of controls when using a controller.

You also have control over Vibrations, Aim Sensitivity and Aim Assist. You can customize all of these settings and use the Restore to Defaults setting if something isn’t working.

  • Move: Left Analog Left
  • Aim: Right Analog Right
  • Jump: A
  • Crouch: Left Analog Down
  • Dodge: LB
  • Focus: Left Analog In
  • Interact: B
  • Kick: Y
  • Fire: RT
  • Secondary Fire: LT
  • Reload: X
  • Change Weapon: D-Pad Up
  • Next Weapon: D-Pad Right
  • Previous Weapon: D-Pad Left
  • Motorcycle Up: Left Analog Up
  • Motorcycle Down: Left Analog Down
  • Motorcycle Wheelie: LB
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