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My Friend Pedro, the highly anticipated shooter game was just released onto the PC & Nintendo Switch Platforms. One question many people are asking is, just how long does the game take to finish?

Well it’s a bit of an open ended question. Firstly, there are 3 different difficulties which are Normal, Hard and Bananas. The harder your difficulty, the longer it’s likely going to take to complete due to having to think before making moves and likely dying more times. 

my friend pedro controls

Next, it’s a solo campaign game. Once you complete the story, that’s the end of the game (for now at least). There is no arcade mode, no multiplayer mode etc. So after completing the story, unless you play again on another difficulty, there isn’t much else for you to do. 

Regarding levels, there are 6 chapters to complete. Each of these chapters contain ‘levels’, which are similar to checkpoints. Levels are quite short, but in total, there are 40 levels spread between these chapters. 

The Numbers

Now, it’s still very early to be putting numbers together. But the consensus is that it likely takes around 5 hours (up to 8) to complete the game on normal difficulty from start to finish. It could be higher, could be lower depending on your own play-style.

The short amount of time it takes to complete the game reflects on the low price it has on Steam, which is currently at £13.

Allowing workshop content and a custom map editor could be another great way to increase playability. Although as we’re so early into the release, nothing has been said regarding future DLC, Arcade Modes and what else is to come. But we’re sure we’ll hear something soon… 

Phillip Anderson
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