NBA 2K19 Plot Revealed in New Trailer


Get ready to gear up and get on court! A new trailer for the upcoming basketball simulation game, NBA 2K19, has been released courtesy of it’s YouTube channel.

The video, titled “NBA 2K19: The Way Back”, lays out the story of this year’s MyCareer, where your MyPlayer will struggle. Their story will start with playing overseas in China, to being signed to a team in the NBA’s developmental league, the G-League. This is a large shift from the previous entry in the series, in which MyCareer had a reputation for a poor story and for long and unskippable cutscenes.

A Look into 2K18

Last year’s entry had more than just those problems, though. It ran terribly with some PC configurations, and many gameplay mechanics were broken. The game featured in-game currency to level your MyPlayer, called VC, which some people abuse to level up absurdly high without even playing a single match.

Online connectivity problems littered the online community and you had to learn to expect constant disconnects. This might sound somewhat annoying, but what worsened the effects of these constant connection issues is that you were personally penalized for it. That means if the game drops you from a game even though you’re still online, the match is recorded as a loss on your record.

NBA 2K19 will be released on Sept. 11 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC for $59.99. However, should you spend $99 to pre-order your copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition, you will recieve in-game currency, cosmetics, and the opportunity to play four days early. Let’s hope that 2K addressed some of the community’s concerns with last year’s formula, and that this addition to the series is fresh.

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