Use New Vegas weapons in Fallout 4 with this awesome mod

Bring back a little something from New Vegas...


To a lot of people, New Vegas is the best game out of the Fallout series. Choices mattered, lore was deep and the story was amazing. Although some people disagree. If you’re one of the people who did love New Vegas, then we have a mod for you!

Nexus Mods user captain-ultima has created a mod pack from his New Vegas Uniques series, which brings a load of weapons from Fallout New Vegas, straight into Fallout 4. These guns include CZ57 Avenger, Cleansing Flame, Esther, Holy Frag Grenade, AER14 Prototype, Pew Pew, Q-35 Matter Modulator and the Sprtel-Wood 9700.

fallout new vegas weapons in fallout 4
The Q-35 Matter Modulator in Fallout 4

It’s important to note that the developer hasn’t actually ported the weapons over from game to game. Instead, they have recreated each gun to the best of their ability. When installing the weapons, a quest will pinpoint you to where you can find them in Fallout 4.

We are linking directly to a pack, which contains all the weapons in one file. However, if you only want to install specific ones, you can do so by looking at captain-ultima profile, or searching for ‘New Vegas Uniques’. What’s even better is that each of these weapons can be modded, compared to New Vegas where they can’t.

How to install this mod

This mod can be easily installed through the Nexus Mod Manager if you have it installed already. If not, you can also install this mod manually. We will show you how below:

  1. Head to the mod page here, and choose ‘Manual Download‘.
  2. A ZIP File will begin to download. Inside are all the mod files.
  3. Open your Fallout 4 installation directory. If you don’t know where it is, open Steam, right click Fallout 4 and choose properties. Select ‘Local Files’, then ‘Browse local files’.
  4. Going back to the ZIP File, drop the files inside into your data folder.
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