No Man’s Sky: Change Ship Steering Controls Back

how to revert to original flight controls in no mans sky

When the No Man’s Sky NEXT Update hit, we saw a lot of new additions to the game. We saw third person view, character customization and emotes add to the game.

One thing that I noticed is that how you steer and control your ship had changed. Instead of steering with your mouse, there was a circle in the centre of the screen, which you need to move the mouse outside of. I wasn’t a fan, being used to the old method which was much easier and intuitive.

Thankfully, you can switch back to this old movement method easily. We have a quick guide below which shows you how to switch back. If you want to read the patch notes for No Man’s Sky NEXT, the patch notes are available here.

Change Flight Controls in No Man’s Sky

The new flight method is named ‘Tethered’. If you’re using tethered, you’ll notice a circle in the centre of your screen, with a line with moves with your mouse. If the line reaches the outer edges of the circle, your ship will turn more dramatically.

My main gripe with this method is the mouse movement speed differences on the inside and outside of the circle, whilst acting as a dead zone, it makes turning way too inaccurate.

Whilst in an actual game, press Escape or Start on your controller to open the settings menu. Choose ‘General Options’ to get to the screen below.

flight controls general settings no man's sky
Change the flight controls in the general settings

At the very bottom of these options is ‘Flight Controls’. You can choose between tethered and locked, each having an inverted option. To switch back to the original flight controls, change it to ‘Locked’ and save your changes.


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