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No Mans Sky Atlas Rises Update (1.3)

With No Mans Sky 1.3, which was released around a week ago, a lot of changes to the game showed up. A lot of new resources where added, and a lot of older ones where changed. One resource which got a major overhaul was Cave Marrow.

Cave Marrow was previously known as Antrium. However after the 1.3 Update for No Mans Sky, you’ll find that you will need 50 Cave Marrow to craft Voltaic Cells. Thankfully, it’s really easy to find.

Where to find Cave Marrow

As you’d expect, Cave Marrow is pretty much always found in caves, and usually on the outskirts. It’s also possible to find it out in the open, usually surrounded by iron or other rocks. You will know if it’s cave marrow as it will let off a bright glow around it.

No Man's Sky Cave Marrow
Marrow Bulb in No Man’s Sky


Because of the bright glow it lets off, you’ll have much more luck in finding it of a night. My planet has abundant amounts of Cave Marrow, so I can literally find it anywhere. Destroying a Marrow Bulb will net you around 10 Cave Marrow at a time.

Cave Marrow Bulb up close in No Mans Sky
Cave Marrow Bulb up close

You won’t need any sort of special equipment or upgrades to your multi-tool to harvest Marrow Bulbs. They can usually be found on any planet in No Man’s Sky. Early on into the base building quests, the scientist will ask you to gather some.

Make sure to go out and gather large amounts whilst you can. Later on you’ll need Cave Marrow all the time for the creation of Voltaic cells. Unfortunately, they aren’t worth a lot on the Galactic Trade Terminal, at just 40 units each.

Hopefully this guide helped you in finding Marrow Bulbs in No Mans Sky! PwrDown has more No Mans Sky guides coming in the not so distant future…


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