No Man’s Sky: How to Do Emotes & Gestures


The NEXT 1.5 update was released for No Man’s Sky today. Included in this update was some much needed features such as the ability to switch between first & third person views, as well as being able to use gestures and emotes.

Emotes are a great way to communicate with friends and other players that you come across in the universe. Whilst some emotes are simply great for screenshots, such as the sitting emote.

Right now, there are 9 emotes in the game. These are Wave, Point, Thumbs Up, Nope, Help, Need Resources, Sit Down, Over Here and Thank you. It’s possible that more emotes/gestures will be added in future updates.

Below, we have a quick guide to show you how to access the emotes menu. If you want to read the official patch notes for the No Mans Sky NEXT update, they’re available here.

Using Emotes & Gestures

To start using emotes and gestures in No Mans Sky, you will need to open up the ‘Quick Menu’. If you’re playing on PC, you can access this menu by pressing X. Whilst Xbox and PlayStation users can press D-Pad down on their controller.

choose gestures/emotes in the quick menu
Open the Gestures area in the Quick Menu

In the Quick Menu, use the navigation buttons (Q & E on PC) to navigate through the different options. Inside of the Gestures menu, which has a helmet icon, you will find all of the new emotes added with the NEXT Update.

choose an emote
Choose one of the nine emotes to do

Go ahead and choose an emote you want your character to use! If you’re playing on foot in first person, your character will automatically go into third person to do the gesture.

If you’re quick enough, you can go back to the camera and grab a picture of yourself mid animation!

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