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GamingNo Man's Sky: How to Play Private Games & Solo

The NEXT Update for No Man’s Sky saw a lot of new features added to the game, with one of the main ones being multiplayer. Players can now group up and explore together, whilst also possibly bumping into other players in the universe.

Players can choose to randomly join games that have are open, and that could be one of yours. You will be able to see each-other and work together, or they could just go off and start claiming planets in your system if you haven’t already.

They will also be able to hear you and communicate with you if you have the voice chat option enabled. We already covered a post on how to enable and disable voice chat in No Man’s Sky.

Anyhow, you have the option to set your game to private, meaning other random players can’t join it. It’s likely you can still invite friends, although I haven’t tested this yet.

You can find a quick guide below for making a private game, whilst at PwrDown, we have covered a few more guides for No Man’s Sky here.

Making your lobby private in NMS

To make your lobby private and play solo, you need to head into the settings menu. Whilst in-game, press Escape on your keyboard or Start on your controller to open the main menu.

From there, choose ‘Network & Voice’, it will bring you to the screen below.

network play private lobby no mans sky
Turn Network Play on or off

Using the ‘Network Play’ option, you can choose whether you want to allow other people to join your game. Off obviously means it’s a private game. Below these buttons, you can see empty slots, which lets you know if anyone is actually inside your game.

You can turn voice chat on or off in this menu too. Unfortunately, there are no options for push to talk currently available. Whilst you can also invite friends here.

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