No Mans Sky: Switch Between First & Third Person View

switch between first and third person view in no mans sky

The latest update for No Mans Sky, labelled NEXT 1.5 added a highly wanted feature to the game. Now, players can choose whether they want to play in first person or third person when walking or flying.

Players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC can all enjoy this new feature upon starting the game for the first time. Whats great about the implementation of third person is that you can choose different options for whether you are inside of a vehicle or if you’re on foot.

For example, players can choose to be in third person when exploring on foot, whilst instantly switching to the first person view as soon as you enter your ship.

Below, we have a quick guide to show you how to switch between first & third person. Whilst you can choose to read up on the latest patch notes here.

Switch between First & Third Person in NMS

To start, you will need to open up the ‘Quick Menu’ in No Mans Sky. By default, this is set to the ‘X’ key on PC, and believed to be the D-Pad Down button on a controller. It should open a menu on the bottom of your screen, as seen on the image below.

quick menu no mans sky utilities
Open ‘Utilities’ in the Quick Menu

Using the navigation buttons, head over to the ‘Utilities’ section on the left hand side and select it. It will bring you into the next area of the Quick Menu.

switch ship to third or first person
Choose ‘Switch Starship View’

On the right hand side, you can choose ‘Switch Starship View’, which will alternate you between third and first person. If you want to change your view in the ship, you need to make sure you press this whilst in the ship.

Alternatively, to change your view whilst on the ground, just repeat the steps above whilst out of your ship.


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