Oculus Rift S Through the Lens Shots Revealed by Reddit User


The Oculus Rift S is the latest headset to be released by Facebook, alongside the Oculus Quest. Whilst not considered to be next generation, it does offer a few noticeable upgrades such as resolution, clarity and comfort.

Previously, Oculus released the Go which I own myself. Hearing reports that we can expect the visuals to look the same as they do inside the Go had me extremely excited, as the SDE is almost eliminated and the resolution increase makes a huge difference.

Whilst the official release date for the Oculus Rift S is listed as May 21st, some users have reported receiving their headset already. Installing the beta version of Oculus Home has allowed them to jump straight into VR apps and games with the new headset before any of us.

One Reddit user, jeromeverret has provided us with their own in-depth review of the headset including some comparison shots of the visuals through the lenses inside the new Rift S compared to 2016’s HTC Vive. Full credit to them, as they provided the images used below. Head on over to their thread to read their opinion on the Display, Comfort and Audio.

HTC Vive vs Rift S – Through the Lenses

Below, you can see comparisons of the images taken from the two headsets at approximately the same angles. These images where taken using a mobile phone close to the lenses, so don’t completely reflect on what you see when you wear the headset. Instead, it gives a basic view of what to expect. Use the slider to look between the two images.

However, you should note that images upload to our site are automatically compressed a small amount. After making basic comparisons here, head to the original Imgur link to see the images in full resolution without artifacts.

Having a comparison of text is everything we wanted. You can see the improvements straight away with the text on the Oculus Rift S looking much sharper and more readable. You can also notice the difference in the SDE in the closeup images, as well as the player avatar in the first image looking much cleaner.

[Article is being updated].

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