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Overcooked! 2 is a fun, tough game where players cook meals to a time limit amidst a variety of chaos and challenges. Did I mention that it’s tough? This is a challenging game. Especially if you’re trying to achieve three stars in every kitchen. Four stars, if you consider the recent new game plus addition.

So, here are a few tips I have for fledgling chefs out there. Some of them may seem obvious, others might not.

More isn’t necessarily better

You can play with up to three friends, either on your couch or via online multiplayer. You can also play by yourself, if you so desire.

When playing with a total of three or four players, expect chaos. You’re Probably going to argue, you’re probably going to get in each other’s way, get confused and more. It’s all fun and enjoyable. But if it’s success you’re after, this could cause problems.

Simply put, someone has to take the lead. Like in a real kitchen, someone has to dish out orders, making sure everyone is doing what they should be doing and trying to keep track of everything. It’s not an easy job. But it’s important.

When playing with two or three others, this can be problematic.

The sweet spot is two players. One person orders, the other obeys. It results in fewer arguments and fights and it makes keeping track of everything a little easier.

Alternatively, you could play on your own. In single player mode you’re given two chefs you can switch between. This means everything is on you. There’s no arguing, only frustration. Trying to three star every kitchen is harder in single player mode and the game is also less fun. If at all possible, avoid this mode.

Communication is key

Overcooked! 2 is a game about communication. If you’re not talking to each other, you’re heading for failure. Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, make sure someone is leading the way.

If you need a hand, ask. If there’s a problem, let it be known. Trying to handle everything yourself, or working on something without letting anyone else know, can lead to problems. With the time restraints and fast paced nature of the game, a single mistake can cost you. Communication can help prevent that.

Serve what you have

Sometimes, towards the end of a level, panic can ensue. You might find yourself running out of time, rushing around, trying to finish the next meal to get the points you need. One potential solution is to not do that. Instead, look at the next few meals you need to do. Look at whatever ingredients you may already have prepared and scramble the simplest meal together. Serve that meal instead. The only way this can backfire is if one of the upcoming meals is going to time-out sooner than later.

This is a tip for any time in the game too. If you have to prepare a large meal that will take up more time, why not work on a simpler meal that takes up less time at the same time? This could save you in the long run, but it does require forethinking and planning ahead. It could also backfire if you get confused or if you forget about the long-term meal in progress.

Relax, it’s just a game

This game can cause frustration, arguments and fights. I’ve mentioned this before, repeatedly, because it happens, a lot. Just remember, it’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun. If you find yourselves fighting or arguing to the point that the fun is dissipating, consider stopping.

This can apply to any game you play. If you’re not enjoying it, if it’s causing more problems than anything else, don’t play it. It’s not that big a deal.

Take a break, come back later

In relation to the last tip, one thing you could consider doing is taking a break. Take a day or two off, perhaps longer, perhaps shorter, then return to the level you’re stuck on. With refreshed eyes, body and spirit, you may find success.

Alternatively, move onto anther level, assuming you’ve managed to get at least one star on the current level. Try another level, keep going, and then return to the frustrating ones at a later point. After taking part in other levels, building your skills and experience, returning to earlier levels might seem easier.

Plan ahead

If you look at the list of meals you have to make, you’ll probably notice that at least one of them requires the same ingredients you’re currently working with. Consider getting an additional ingredient cut, while you’re working on a meal. That way you’re prepared for the future and time might not be as big an issue.

Also, some levels feature quirks and challenges such as moving or vanishing platforms. Consider grabbing and/or cutting whatever ingredients you can, so you’re not struggling to keep up with demand further down the road, when the platforms are preventing speedy work.

Help each other

If you’re working in a team, you might think taking one meal each is a good idea. It is, for the most part. However, when time becomes an issue or when there’s a meal with a lot of ingredients, consider sharing out responsibility for it. It’ll speed up that particular meal’s preparation and it’ll reduce the stress of the chef’s.

The same can also be done for washing the dishes and chopping. These can sometimes be tedious tasks that you can forget about. They are however very important. Speed up the process by having two people wash the dishes or chop at once (if possible).

Dash with caution

The Dash button can be a saving grace. It can propel you further and quicker and it can help serve meals just before the time expires. However, the dash button is not without its issues.

Dashing into other players can knock them back, sending them into danger, disrupting their progress. It’s also a maneuver that only takes you in one direction, forwards. Make sure you’re facing the right direction when pushing the button, otherwise you’ll be sent off course, making the dash more harmful than helpful.

What’s the trick?

Some levels have a trick you have to figure out. Find the right spot to work in or the right sequence to cook in. You don’t always have to work through orders in the correct order either. If you can figure out the trick, or rather the solution to better productivity, that’s great. This isn’t always an easy thing to do though.

These are just some helpful tips and suggestions for playing Overcooked! 2 and when trying to get three stars on all levels. I hope its been somewhat helpful.