Overwatch: Changing Your Sensitivity


Overwatch is a game that relies heavily on your ability to aim, and mouse sensitivity can play a crucial role. In a few easy steps you can learn how to adjust your sensitivity and improve your overall performance in Overwatch.

But, before you start changing numbers randomly there are a few things you should take into account, such as the space you have available for your mouse.

Adjusting the Sensitivity in Overwatch

After you’ve launched the game the first thing you’re going to do is navigate to the options menu by either clicking on ‘options’ in the main menu or hitting ‘esc’ and clicking on ‘options’ there. The screen should look something like the photo below.

Overwatch Options Menu
Starting page in Overwatch options menu.

Next click the tab at the top titled ‘controls’ where a list of options will appear such as ‘reticle’ and ‘movement.’ Luckily, the option we want is right at the top under ‘mouse.’.

There you should find a highlighted bar titled ‘sensitivity’ with a number and a slider beside it. Feel free to use the slider to adjust the number or click on the number and type in a desired sensitivity.

Overwatch Control Tab
The control tab in the Overwatch options menu

The higher the number the faster you’re reticle will move from side to side. Keep in mind, faster movements aren’t always helpful. Lowering your sensitivity is usually the better route when trying to improve you aim.

The reticle moves slower at lower sensitivity, but allows for more precision. At a slower pace your movements are better controlled and thus more intended. Like learning a new beat in drumming or learning to drive, you start slow and gradually increase you speed until you are comfortable at the speed limit of the road or tempo of the song.