Paladins: How to Enable & Disable Voice Chat


When it comes to playing Paladins, you have a few options when it comes to Voice Chat. Whether you are a PS4, Xbox One or PC Player, you can choose to enable and disable your voice chat in-game.

This means that you can’t hear other players and they can’t hear you. By default, you will likely have push to talk enabled, which means you can only communicate with players when pressing a certain button on your keyboard or controller.

In this quick guide, we’re going to show you how to configure the voice chat settings in Paladins. Whilst these steps where performed in the PC Version on Steam, it should be the same on console.

Configuring Voice Chat

To start, you will need to open the Settings menu whilst in-game. You can usually find this either in the main menu, or sometimes towards the bottom right of the screen. Inside, head to the ‘Audio’ section.

paladins configure voice chat
Voice Chat settings in Paladins

Inside are 4 options when it comes to Voice Chat. These are:

  1. Enable Voice Chat
  2. Use Push To Talk
  3. Speaker Volume
  4. Microphone Volume

You should be able to customize these settings to your liking. If you don’t want to use Voice Chat at all, just choose to Disable it. Whilst you can configure the volume of your microphone and the sound of other players.

When choosing between having push to talk on or off, i’d recommend on. Otherwise, you will have an open microphone and other players will be able to hear you at all times. To find the button for Push To Talk, head over to the Controller or Bindings section. On PC, it is defaulted to LEFT ALT.

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