Party Hard 2: How to play


GamingParty Hard 2: How to play

Party Hard 2 is a challenging strategy game. You play the role of a party crasher where the aim is to take out the criminals without being caught. Although the game is easy to pick up, the tutorial is hidden behind posters. To make things easier we’ve written this quick guide to get you started.

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Getting started


Each level will provide you with a list of objectives to complete. You will not be able to finish the mission until all the boxes are ticked. In some levels, you will be given a choice of ways in which you can approach the level; stealth or manic.

You can recognise your victims by the red triangle above their heads. Some will stay still in a certain location while others will move frequently. It’s your job to decide on the best way to take them out without being caught.

Each character also comes fitted with a unique ability. They vary depending on who you play as, and each ability suits a different playstyle. You can use it by pressing R.

Know your surroundings

A quality of life feature is your Instinct, you can utilise it by pressing Tab. This will give you a colour coded sense of your surroundings. Victims will be red, security guards are orange and useful items and locations are green.

More often than not, you’ll have to get used to hiding a body after you have made a kill. Thankfully you’ll find a variety of places fit for hiding your victims. The most common items are bins and dumpsters. Just walk up to the location and press the spacebar to dispose of the evidence.

Fighting Back

Along the way you may pick up items such as grenades, bottles and knives. These can all be used for taking out victims and making distractions. Once you pick up an item, it will be placed into your inventory. This can be found at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. To use the item, hold down control and use the WASD keys to move the marker. Once you’ve aimed, press E to use the item and then act quickly before you’re caught.

Once the police have been called you’ll have to find a place to hide in order to avoid them. Dark corners of rooms work well as a hiding place. Alternatively, you can stand with a group of dancers and press Q to join in.

Your character is equipped with a knife to make dealing with your victims easier. To use it, just walk up to your target and press E. Just make sure your surroundings are clear before you press it. Otherwise, your witnesses will be straight on to the police.

Take all these tips in mind and you’ll have everything you need to get started. Now go crash those parties!