Party Hard 2: How to start a co-op game


GamingParty Hard 2: How to start a co-op game

What could be better than crashing a party with a friend? Well, Party Hard 2 gives you the chance to do just that. By working together you can clear objectives quickly and escape before anyone realises. Or, take your friend out with a stray grenade and get caught by police while witnesses stand by and watch.

This guide will help you set up local co-op, so you and your friends can take on anything the game throws at you. Unfortunately, online co-op isn’t a feature but it may be added in the near future.

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Working Together


Local co-op is easy to set up and only takes a couple of minutes. First of all, make sure you have two forms of controller plugged in. Be it a keyboard and controller or two of either. Next, open the game to the main menu and click on ‘Local Co-op’.

This will take you to the level select. Here you can select which level you want to start on and decide which character you’ll be playing as. You can change character by clicking on the ‘select’ button, located at the bottom centre of the screen.

Once you’ve confirmed all your choices. Click on the start button, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you straight into the game. From here, it’s up to the two of you to crash parties and bring quiet to the neighbourhood.