Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.12 (16th December)


Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.12

Welcome to these Last Day on Earth: Survival Path Notes. Before we begin, please note that I do not work with nor am I affiliated with Kefir Games. I gather this information from the Official Facebook Page.

These patch notes are for the Last Day on Earth: Survival Patch 1.6.12 which was released on November 3rd 2017. To see more patch notes, check out our list of latest Patch Notes for Last Day on Earth: Survival.

This update is the Christmas Update.

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Christmas Update

This update is the first ever Christmas Update for Last Day on Earth: Survival. Whilst the update is today, more content will be coming within a few days.

Christmas is not far away so the time has come to decorate houses, set a Christmas tree and get presents! Christmas is quite a big and beloved by everyone holiday. We’ve prepared a ton of interesting stuff for you. We’d like to pay your attention from the beginning – not everything will be available today, the access to some things will be come closer to Christmas. That’s why let’s carefully look into everything we’ve got for today.Kefir Games

Holiday Van Event

The ‘Holiday Van’ event is the event to hit Last Day on Earth, and will be available in the coming days. If you want to know what the update entails, keep reading. Players will be able to check there map, looking out for ‘Nick Santy’. Once you visit him, you’ll find that he’s stuck in a snow trap. Save him and his reindeer, and he’ll share his gifts with you.

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Developers haven’t revealed how you can save him, as they want players to find out for themselves. What we do know, is the task isn’t an easy one. There are 3 reindeer, each with it’s own story and quest. One needs saving from a pack of wolves, another from hunters and the third one is with ‘military specialists’. Finding the Reindeer’s are random events, so you’ll need to keep checking up on your map.

Last Day on Earth patch notes 1.6.12 christmas update

New Christmas Items

CLots of holiday treats suiting any taste will appear along with the event: champagne, egg-nog, yule log and cakes! They will not just improve your mood but also will help you to shoot better or make collecting resources for upgrading the base easier. Kefir Games

Some of the new items with what they do are listed below

  1. Champagne: Long range weapons have a chance of gaining critical damage.
  2. Egg-nog: Slows down enemies.
  3. Yule Log: Increases the amount of resources received from mining and woodcutting.
  4. Cakes: More experience gained.

Last Day on Earth patch notes 1.6.12 christmas update

Turkey animal

Turkeys have been added to the game for those of you seeking a Christmas feast.

Last Day on Earth patch notes 1.6.12 christmas update

New armour and weapons

Finally, new armour and weapons have been added to Last Day on Earth in patch 1.6.12. Firstly, a Flare gun, which seems to set off Fireworks. The next item revealed is the ‘Frost staff’, which deals critical damage.

Clothes wise, a new Christmas Jumper/Sweater has been added. It provides a slight armour increase as well as a small amount of protection from toxic spitters. Finally, a Santa Hat has also been added.

Last Day on Earth patch notes 1.6.12 christmas update

As soon as the Christmas Event is over, all Holiday themed items will disappear.

Read this update here on Facebook.

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