Best Minecraft Country Flag Banners & How to Make Them


GamingBest Minecraft Country Flag Banners & How to Make Them

In this post, we’re going to show off some of the possible flag banners you can make in Minecraft which represent different countries. After you’ve created them, it’s possible to place the banners onto the front of a shield, or hang them up around your base.

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How to Create Banners & Patterns

Banners in Minecraft are cheap and easy to create. All you need is a single stick and 6 pieces of wool in the color of your choosing. If you’re wanting to create a USA flag, you need 6 white wool and a stick.

Place the stick in the bottom centre slot, then fill up the top 6 slots with the wool. You’ll be able to get a banner back. To start doing designs, you will need to create patterns.

If you are playing on Minecraft Java Edition, you will need to make a Loom to create patterns. However, Bedrock players can use either a Loom or a Crafting Table.

Minecraft Country Flag Banners

Below is a preview of what these flags look like, as well as a short description how to make them. Each button goes back to PlanetMinecraft, where you can see a quick guide for creating the flag on a Crafting Table.

United States of America Flag (USA)

Our first flag is the USA Minecraft Flag! This banner is super easy to create, requiring just 2 patterns on top of a white flag, using both red and blue dye. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put anything in the top corner to represent the stars, but the flag looks iconic and great either way.

United Kingdom (UK) Flag

Considering the flag for the United Kingdom has a lot of lines in 3 different colors, this flag comes out remarkably well. You’ll use up every available pattern you have though, especially if you want to get the white outline which is a necessity.

Germany Flag

Germany’s flag is really easy to create in Minecraft. Just take a red banner and add a vertical line to each side using Black and Yellow Dye. If you’re still struggling, click the button below to be taken to a guide!

Japan Flag

Next up is Japan, which is probably the easiest flag to make. All you need is a white banner, and add a red circle to the middle. It’s obviously a great choice for any Japanese styled worlds you’re going to make!

France Flag

To create the French flag in Minecraft, all you have to do is replicate the steps for the German flag but switch the colors round a bit. Start with a white banner, then add a blue stripe to the left side and a red stripe to the right.

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