Doom Eternal: How To Get Weapon Mods


GamingDoom Eternal: How To Get Weapon Mods

When playing Doom Eternal, you will be able to add modifications to your weapons that give them extra versatility in combat. Some of these weapons can even take multiple modifications.

In this guide, we’re going to briefly talk about unlocking weapon modifications in Doom Eternal, as well as how to apply them. For more Guides & Best-of content for Doom, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Unlocking Weapon Mods

Unlocking weapon modifications in Doom is relatively simple. Throughout the games various levels, you can find drones that will carry a single weapon mod. Some of these will be plain sight while others are hidden. These drones also count as secrets on your mini-map, and will have their location shown on it. 

You can also find drones in your ship, locked behind cages that cost two Sentinel batteries each to unlock. So make sure to go here once you have Sentinel Batteries, especially if you need more modifications quickly.

Doom Eternal Weapon Mods
Applying Modifications

Once you grab a modification, you can select a mod that you want to attach to one of your weapons. Most have two mods that are unique to them, some have one or none also. After you unlock and fully upgrade a mod, you will be given a mastery challenge. Once a mastery challenge is completed the mod will receive an upgrade. 

Some of the best modifications include Sticky Bombs for the Combat Shotgun, Mobile Turret for the Chaingun (which will massively increase your DPS) and Precision Bolt for the Heavy Cannon.