How to Play PewDiePie’s Minecraft Seed & World


GamingHow to Play PewDiePie's Minecraft Seed & World

After a lot of hard-work, a dedicated team of fans worked together to pinpoint PewDiePie’s exact seed. Now there was a lot of science behind it, which we’re not going to talk about. Instead, we’re just going to show you how you can play the exact seed used in PewDiePie’s world, seen in his current Minecraft Series. 

Now, you will only be able to use this seed on the Java Edition of Minecraft. Which means you need to be playing on PC, it likely won’t work on consoles.

The version of Minecraft also doesn’t matter too much. I’ve tested the seed on Minecraft 1.12.2 which is a version of Minecraft which is very mod friendly. However, using an old seed means a few things from PewDiePie’s series such as animals, new villages and ocean monuments will be missing. 

Obviously, with this just being a seed, it’s a fresh world. None of PewDiePie’s buildings or other creations will be there, just the landscape which he has used to build on. At the moment, PewDiePie has not released his game world publicly, but there are convincing fan replicas. 

Using PewDiePie’s Seed

The exact seed for PewDiePie’s world is 609567216262790763. You will need to copy this and enter it into the ‘Create New World’ interface in Minecraft, with Generate Structures and Default World Type selected. 

Input the Seed

You’ll spawn in a plains biome, surrounded by horses (with one of these likely being Joergen from the YouTube series). You can also see the Desert Village which PewDiePie will frequently visit to trade with villagers. 

Joergen’s with the Desert Village

Not far from here is the area where PewDiePie’s house and base is built. The exact coordinates for the base area is X: -225, Y: 65 and Z: 187. You can start to build your own base, or try and replicate PewDiePie’s world here.

Where PewDiePie builds his base

As previously mentioned, PewDiePie’s actual world isn’t yet available publicly, and it’s unknown whether he will put it up for download. Fans have made their own recreations which are pretty good replicas.

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