Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord: How to Gain Influence


GamingPC GamingMount And Blade II: Bannerlord: How to Gain Influence

If you want to have a bit more pull in the world of Mount and Blade Bannerlord, you’re going to need to gain influence. In Mount and Blade II, influence is quite a bit different from what it was in the last game.

In Mount and Blade Warband, the influence system was this very unclear and undefined thing that sometimes allowed you to get some benefits from other lords within your kingdom, but it was unclear. However, in Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Taleworlds Entertainment has done a good job of making influence more understandable and useful but just how do you get it and how do you use it?

How to Start to Gain Influence

To start gaining influence, you’re going to first need to be a part of a faction. You can do this by going to any member of a faction and telling them that you want to join them. You can join a faction either as a Mercenary or a Vassal.

If you join a faction as a mercenary you will be paid for every one of there enemies that you takedown, this includes their lords, caravans, farmers and so on. You will also gain renown for any battles the same way you would if you were a vassal.

The difference is that when you join as a mercenary any influence that you have with a faction will always drop by a certain amount per day and the overall amount of influence that you gain is lowered, meaning that you will always have less to work with than real faction members.

If you join a faction as a vassal, you won’t get paid for taking down your enemies, but you will receive other benefits. Most important for this guide is that you will not lose influence daily and within certain circumstances, you can gain daily influence.