Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages on 1.13.2 in 2019


Starting your new Minecraft save in a village makes it that little bit easier and faster. You immediately have shelter, villages to trade with, food, light sources and most important, a chest inside the Blacksmith building. You’ll most commonly find food, armour and weapons in these chests, with the possibility of even finding diamonds.

Villages have received many updates in the history of Minecraft, with new designs, buildings and themes constantly being added. We’re sure even more updates will come in the future making them much more lively and realistic. 

But for now, what we have is great. Below, you will find 10 of the Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages in Minecraft 1.13.2. All these seeds where tested on the latest version in 2019, with all the villages not being too far from the spawn point.

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Standard Village

Seed: -721337316177823 Coordinates: (XYZ: -357, 79, 104)
This village can be found by heading to the coordinates above. It’s a pretty standard village which is quite large in size, offering many crops and a blacksmith. Inside the blacksmith chest you will find Horse Armor, Iron Leggings and 3 Bread. 

Desert Village

Seed: 049194614330217 Coordinates: (XYZ: -123, 77, 190)
A more hard-to find village are these ones, which are located in deserts. Although this one is located halfway in the desert and halfway in plains. Inside is blacksmith, where the chest will contain an iron ingot, an iron picaxe and iron chest armor piece. 

Submerged Village

Seed: 977948598319367 Coordinates: (XYZ: 307, 83, 310)
Another normal looking village is this one, except for the fact that one of the structures is submerged in a small pond. One of the farming plots is also elevated high up off the ground. Inside the blacksmith chest is 4 iron ingots, 4 gold ingots, 2 bread, 3 apples, an iron sword and horse armor.

No Blacksmith

Seed: -742042687624656 Coordinates: (XYZ: -183, 117, 170)
This is another village located in the plains. However, this one doesn’t have a blacksmith meaning that there is no chest with loot inside. Instead, there is a church, but this doesn’t contain any loot either of course. Otherwise, it’s a great place to rest and trade.

Small Village

Seed: -533644587641407 Coordinates: (XYZ: -263, 75, 117)
Now this Minecraft Village does have a church, but we also have a blacksmith again. Inside the chest, you will find 5 iron ingots, 4 apples, 2 bread, 1 iron sword, 1 saddle and a pair of iron boots. All the buildings for this village are located on one path giving it a main street feel.

Edge of Desert Village

Seed: 005170053806693 Coordinates: (XYZ: -159, 68, -297)
Another normal looking village is this one, which can be found on the edge of the desert. It has a lot of buildings including a church and blacksmith, with the blacksmiths chest containing an iron picaxe, iron leggings, a gold bar and an iron sword.

Another no blacksmith

Seed: -716822258881777 Coordinates: (XYZ: -120, 20, 343)
This village which is located in the plains doesn’t have a blacksmith or church inside, leaving it with empty buildings and villagers. It’s a good place to spent the night or build from due to it having some flat land around.

Desert Fishing

Seed: 074904621172869 Coordinates: (XYZ: -154, 74, 183)
Another Desert Minecraft Village can be found at this seed, sitting not too far away from the spawn point. It’s bordering a lake making it a great spot for fishing, and has a blacksmiths where the chest contains 2 bread, 2 iron ingots, an iron helmet, iron chest and an iron sword.

River Village

Seed: 266923240770417 Coordinates: (XYZ: 93, 67, 296)
This village is quite interesting because it has spawned inside a river, minus some buildings which are on land. Meaning there are squids swimming around between buildings. Unfortunately though there is no blacksmith, meaning no chest containing loot.

Acacia Village


Seed: 572934943017551 Coordinates: (XYZ: 108, 72, 138)
Another rare village type is the Acacia Village, which has a different design. This village in particular has many buildings, including a church and blacksmith. Inside the blacksmith chest, you will find 3 iron ingots, an iron picaxe, an iron sword, an iron helmet and an apple.

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