Pillars of Eternity 2: How to Change the Interface Layout

how to change the interface in pillars of eternity 2 pc ps4 xbox one

When playing Pillars of Eternity 2, one hidden setting allows you to change the design & layout of your interface between 6 different presets. By default, you are put to Layout 1 upon running the game.

When choosing a different layout, it changes the location of your buttons, hot bar, people and chat box. As of right now, you can’t create your own custom layout. Whether this will be added either officially or as a mod in the future is unknown.

This quick guide should work on all consoles, including Xbox One, PS4 & PC! You can also check out some more Pillars Of Eternity II Guides

Change the interface

From either the main menu or whilst in game, choose ‘Options’. Here, you can customize many aspects of Pillars of Eternity 2 such as the graphics, controls and more. We just want to choose an interface for now.

Choose the ‘Interface’ button on the left. You can see all 6 different presets that are provided with the base game. New players may not want to mess with this option, as the default settings will suffice.

interface menu in pillars of eternity 2
The interface presets

Anyhow, select a new layout from the list, and head back into the game to see the changes made.


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