Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: Introducing Challenges


Following a recent trend, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has been receiving a steady stream of updates. Introducing new maps, guns, vehicles and unique features to keep players hooked.

Survivor challenges have been introduced in substitute of the Battle Pass. Offering players a chance to show off their skills to earn XP and unlock a variety of items. It also encourages picking up a weapon you might not usually use. As well as changing your playstyle to increase your potential survivability.

The survivor section can be found on the right hand of the screen. It shows your current level and how close you are to reaching the next. Along with how many challenges you’ve completed out of those available.

Daily challenges are simple to achieve and can grant you anywhere up to 5,000 XP. Whereas with weekly challenges you can earn anywhere up to 10,000 XP with a single challenge. Which means there’s no excuse for not earning that exclusive permanent item!

Levelling up will bag you a temporary item which you can equip and show off straight away. Reaching level 10 will unlock a permanent item that you can show off your progression with.

So log in, board the plane and start earning brand new items to show off to your friends and other players! But don’t forget to check back here at Pwrdown to see what exciting features PUBG receives next!