Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: Introducing Flare Gun


Occasionally, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will introduce limited time events for players to try out. These usually revolve heavily around certain features in the game such as; snipers, crates, and one shot kills.

Flare gun is the newest addition. It brings in an exciting new item which you can use to turn the game heavily in your favour. This neat introduction tells you everything you need to know about this event and more. Don’t forget, you can find more news and guides on PUBG here!

What’s new?

You are dropped with three other players into a full-sized map of Sunny Erangel. Which means scavenging for a reliable loadout is a must. Before tracking down the other teams and working your way towards a win.

Flare guns can be found randomly dotted around the map. However, they have a low spawn rate so use them wisely. If used within the safe zone, a special care package will drop, potentially containing level three items and rare weapons. If used outside of the save zone, a special vehicle will be dropped. These have been known to include armoured jeeps among many other possibilities.

Care package drops are shown by a special icon on the map which can be seen by all players.


So get a team together and drop into this exciting new event while it’s still around!