Pocket Builder: How to Add Humans/Workers


When building in Pocket Builder, structures and other items will cost resources. There are currently 3 different types in the game. These are wood, food and gold.

To increase these resources, you will need to use humans, also known as workers to gather for you. You can set multiple workers off in a forest to cut down trees for example, which will gather you wood. Trees regrow too, so your workers can be collecting constantly.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add works and humans to your world to gather resources. Whilst we have some more guides for Pocket Builder here.

Adding New Workers

Head into the build menu by pressing the button in the bottom right of the screen. In the green bar are a list of categories containing different items you can place. The very last icon has animals, people, goblins and giants. Select this area.

add workers

Place the worker down, and they will automatically head to the closest resource. However you can control them yourself. Select the worker and press the shield icon, then you can set them to find wood, food or self destruct.

control workers to gather resources

One tip that the game offers is locking your workers up. You can surround them in fencing to stop them walking away.

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