Pocket Builder: How to Get Gold


GamingPocket Builder: How to Get Gold

In Pocket Builder, there are currently 3 resources available. These are Wood, Food & Gold. The first two are really easy to get. Whilst Gold can be a little complicated to understand at first.

Gold can only be collected by Goblins, who will mine it. You may think gold is collected from mines or the ground, but it’s actually placed by you in-game. Gold also takes quite a while to collect, and has a tier like system.

Below, we will show you how to farm gold in Pocket Builder easily. Whilst if you’re interested, we’ve covered a few more guides for the game available here.

Collecting Gold

As mentioned before, you will need Goblins as they are the only things that can mine gold. You can buy Goblins from the crafting area, seen on the image below. Click the far right icon on the green bar, then choose ‘Goblins’. A goblin costs 10 Wood and 10 Food.

Now that we have a Goblin, it needs some Gold to mine. Under the resources area of the crafting menu, choose ‘Gold’. The first thing you can make is a pile of gold, which costs 200 wood. Later on, you can get the barrel of gold and chest of gold to increase production.

Place the gold near the goblin and they will get to work. The mining process is quite slow, so it may take a while to build up your resources.

You may want to surround the goblin in fences so that they can’t be distracted and constantly work at the gold deposits.

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