Pokemon Let’s go: How to change Pikachu’s tail


GamingPokemon Let's go: How to change Pikachu's tail

While playing Pokemon Let’s Go, you might realise that Pikachu has a differently shaped tail. It is possible to change the design to your preference. However, it can be quite a time sink. If you have patience at the ready then follow this quick guide and we’ll show you how.

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A tall tail


As far as we know, there are two possible designs that you can get for Pikachu’s tail. If it’s male, it’ll have the traditional flat end. While if it’s female, it will have a heart shaped end.

To change the current tail design you will have to delete your current save and start the game afresh. Once you’ve done that, wait until you can see your new design. If it’s the one you want then congratulations. If not, the simply repeat the process until you have the one you want.

If you’ve gotten quite far in your journey, then this will be painful to do. But, it does mean that your Pikachu will be looking its finest as you make your way through the Kanto region.