Pokemon Let’s Go: How to get more Pokeballs


GamingPokemon Let's Go: How to get more Pokeballs

You might reach a point in Pokemon Let’s Go where you’re running low on items or need more pokeballs. Aside from finding them while exploring, the easiest way to restock is by visiting a Pokemart Follow this neat guide and we’ll show you how to find your closest one!

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Stocking up


You can find Pokemarts in almost every town or city. They’re a great place to stock up on items and sell anything you don’t need. You can spot them easily by looking out for a building with a blue roof.

Once you’ve found the Pokemart walk up to the doors and you’ll enter. Then talk to the vendor and they’ll give you the option to buy or sell items. To buy, simply click on the option and choose from the following menu.

Alternatively, if you want to sell items, click that option. Then choose the items you wish to sell to the vendor. You’ll receive currency in return which you can save or spend straight away.

Keep an eye on your map so you can always tell where your nearest Pokemart is. The last thing you want is to run out of items!